Terms and conditions of service

Pakri islands Väike-Pakri beacon The exact content of the service (route, possible stops, additional services etc.) are agreed when the service is booked.

The client must provide the bodyweights of any passengers weighing less than 40 kg when booking the service. This is necessary to ensure that all passengers obtain suitable life vests.

The client must pay for the service in full by bank transfer within one working day of booking the service. Bookings for which payments are not received when due will be cancelled. Payments for last-minute bookings must be made on the spot in cash before the start of the trip.

The client does not have the right to withdraw from the contract.

The client must always cancel a booking if they decide not to use the service. If the client cancels the booking seven or more days before the start time of the agreed service, the amount paid by the client will be refunded to them in full within one working day. No refund is made to a client when a booking is cancelled later.

The boat charters take place in favourable weather and navigation conditions only. The decision on whether a charter will go ahead or be cancelled is made by the captain. The captain also has the right to change (incl. shorten) the route if it appears that the agreed route is impossible to follow due to the weather or navigation conditions. If a charter is cancelled for reasons independent of the client (adverse weather or navigation conditions etc.), the money paid for the service will be refunded to the client in full within one working day.

All prices given on the website include VAT.

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